Let us create your own, personalised rosin recipe

By consulting with you, we can vary or enhance certain characteristics of your bespoke rosin recipe:

Attack - increase or decrease the strength of the initial grab on the string
Traction - increase or decrease the amount of grip in sustained bowing
Texture - vary the feel of the rosin on the string
Clarity - enhance or soften the clarity of articulation in spiccato and sautille bowings.

We have also made a range of bespoke blends for specific instruments such as Er-hu, Bluegrass and folk fiddle, 5-7 string electric instruments, Arpeggione, Indian Carnatic music. If you have specialised requirements, contact us here.


Daniel Lelchuk - Assistant Principal Cello, Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra.

“I wanted to express my admiration and complete confidence in the quality of Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin.
It’s a wonderful hand-made product that I’ve used in chamber, orchestral, and solo settings.
I have to say it is very impressive! I am really happy to have found a rosin that is reliable, with minimal dust, and makes legato and spiccato playing most enjoyable.” 

Bespoke Blends are not just about personalising the recipe.

There are many facets of the rosin we can personalise for you, such as the size and shape, or even having your name engraved in the rosin! Watch this video for more information.

Bespoke blends for specialised instruments

A versatile Violinist, Violist and Cellist, Ian Cooper is an eminent Australian string performer and entertainer.

Ian plays on a range of electric and acoustic instruments with up to 7 strings! He uses the 'crisp' violin blend for his violins, but for his electric violas and cellos, Ian has a very specific bespoke blend designed to make those thicker strings come alive!

Read more about Ian here: www.iancooper.com

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