Federico Guglielmo - Italian Baroque Violinist

“I have recently used the Baroque Violin rosin recipe in rehearsals, concerts and recordings and I am literally ecstatic! It is a soft rosin that is precise and effective in sound response, exactly what I've been looking for a long time!”

the shanghai quartet

"Through hours of practise and rehearsal, we strive to refine our sound to the most specific nuance. With the customised recipes from Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin, we can finally enhance the tonal qualities of our instruments as we desire, in concert halls around the world with differing climates and acoustics!  We now have a stronger ability to blend our sounds and allow our music making to flourish to it's greatest potential. Thank you Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin!"

Trio Vitruvi

"It is simply fantastic to have access to a rosin which is just as bespoke as ones own playing. When one spends a lifetime in the attempt to perfect ones personal voice on the instrument, why not have a rosin that works for your voice from the very beginning instead of its own? In Trio Vitruvi, we can strongly recommend leatherwood bespoke rosin."

Severiano Paoli - historical bass and violone specialist 

"Leatherwood rosin is the perfect choice for my playing, both on historical and modern instruments. The array of bass rosins I use (20%, 30% and 40% recipes and a combination of them) fits me on any instrument, from the modern double bass to viennese bass to the G violone, on gut or steel, in any part of the world and weather conditions. I'm so happy to have discovered such a flexible and reliable product, which makes me so happy I'd be playing all the time; now I just need a bespoke reminder to stop practicing at night before my neighbours call the police!"

Gianmaria Melis - Principal Concertmaster of Teatro Lirico di Cagliari

“I'm really struck by rosin; having an ideal sound in the mind and trying to reproduce it has always been the greatest mission for musicians. Finally I have found a product that reaches all my desires; the adhesion to the strings is perfect, the sound that I can produce is round and warm, and, at the same time, is clean and bright in the spiccato. Noises of friction and excess of Rosin on the strings are just a bad memory! From now on, there will always be Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin in my case!"


mathias johansen - cello soloist & professor, echo classic winner 2016

"Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin ultimately connects my body to the Cello. The instrument has to suit the musician perfectly, the bow has to suit both musician and instrument and finally a rosin that fits seamlessly! From bursting wood to flickering lights - all sounds are just exciting!"

Nick Dunston, jazz soloist, improviser and composer

"What strikes me most about Leatherwood's double-bass recipe (besides the full attack and sound, and how little residue is left behind on the strings) is how well they bow on my mixed strings. I use gut G and D's, and steel A and E's. This particular mixing of strings is important to my sound, but with every other rosin I've used, it's been slightly tricky to achieve an even tone when bowing in between steel strings and gut strings. I can now bow between both kinds with ease. It's the little things like this that make all the difference!"

Vertavo String Quartet

“Performing with Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin is an experience that can not be overstated! For our demanding and varied repertoire, and in a wide variety of concert halls, we have finally found a rosin that allows us to maximise our articulation, clarity, volume and sound colour range. As a quartet, we can now create a unified sound of greater depth and precision. Thank you Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin, this is the sound we strive to create!” 

Mark O’Connor - Grammy Award winning violinist & folk fiddler

"As I began performing regularly with the O’Connor Band, we found ourselves in about every performance environment and climate possible. It became obvious that I needed to upgrade my old cake of rosin.

 I was introduced to the beautiful Leatherwood Bespoke “Crisp” rosin and immediately fell in love with the sound I was able to produce and the reliability that it gave me wherever I played my violin.”


Kelly Hall-Tompkins - Internationally acclaimed violinist

"I am wowed and inspired by Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin.  It is a masterfully crafted perfect complement to my violin and bow. I love how it actually draws more tone from my violin, with an enhanced warmth, clarity and ring while still delivering an awesome spiccato.  Highly recommended!"

Tomas Callister - Celtic & Folk Fiddler

"Leatherwood rosin gives your instrument the voice it deserves!

It grips better than any other rosin I’ve tried, leaving you in full control over your instrument so you can project perfectly at any dynamic.

If someone had told me that Leatherwood Rosin would make this much of a difference to my playing, I wouldn’t have believed them! Whether you’re tickling or blasting it out, it’s perfect."

Andrew Sords - International Violin Soloist, USA

"When each and every performance is a high wire act, I require a rosin that will grip with vigor, articulate crystalline passagework, and project into a cavernous hall. Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin gives me the confidence to forgo utilitarian mechanics and focus on the music-making at hand. Frankly put - Leatherwood is the only rosin I require on tour. Bravo, LBR!"

Michael Goldschlager - International Cello Soloist

"Imagine yourself as a Formula 1 driver whose car is equipped with only passenger car tires, or as an audiophile who has superb equipment but only cheap speaker cables. Any system is only as good as its weakest link. Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin has finally offered us all the improvement that has been needed for centuries - intelligently designed rosins that determine the all-important way in which a bow interfaces with a string.

What could be more critical for the string player? The quality and volume of the sound you make on your instrument as well as your ability to produce the detail you desire is far less likely to be determined by your choice of strings or even your bow than by that critical compound which facilitates contact: the rosin. I cannot recommend any product more strongly. This masterly rosin is a revelation and at the cost of less than a cello C string you owe it to yourself to experience it. Bravo, LBR. Bravo!"

Daniel Reed - Violinist, New York Philharmonic Orchestra

“I am impressed with the difference Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin makes.

The sound of my Storioni is richer and clearer and the responsiveness of my various bows have been improved noticeably. Well worth the price! Thanks again!”


Esther Abrami - Violinist and Model

"Before thinking of buying a new bow, try Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin. 
The impact it has on the sound is just phenomenal!"

Daniel Lelchuk - Assistant Principal Cello, Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra.

“I wanted to express my admiration and complete confidence in the quality of Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin. It’s a wonderful hand-made product that I’ve used in chamber, orchestral, and solo settings. I have to say it is very impressive! I am really happy to have found a rosin that is reliable, with minimal dust, and makes legato and spiccato playing most enjoyable.” 

Christian Svarfvar - Concert Violinist, Sweden

“This rosin is unprecedented! The increase of volume, combined with the velvet smooth elasticity is something I never experienced before - just incredible. It gives you the perfect ping when you catch the string - Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin gives me the sound I was looking for."

Maddalena Del Gobbo - Viola da Gamba, Deutsche Grammophon Artist

“I can highly recommend Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin, the quality is excellent! The baroque recipe for Viola da Gamba is perfect for a full, beautiful sound, for the whole repertoire.

My personalised bespoke recipe supports the sound of my instrument so I can express my own sound even better, and feel more comfortable playing in difficult weather conditions. It is also fun to collect different recipe and try them all!"

Jacob Shaw - Concert Cellist; Founder, Scandinavian Cello School

To create great music you need a fabulous sound.

Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin is the only rosin I’ve found which gives an undeniably larger, warmer tone. Try this rosin and feel it revolutionise your playing - it certainly did for me!”

Chloe Trevor - Concert Violinist

“I absolutely LOVE it! This rosin offers me the perfect balance of attack and fluidity. My bow just melts into the string but the hair still sizzles with fiery intensity! Leatherwood bespoke rosin helps me achieve the sound I’ve always been searching for!”

Hampus Linderholm - Solo Cellist

"Since last year, I have been only using the Leartherwood Bespoke Rosin, both Supple and Crisp for my bows.
Personally, I think that Supple gives perfect texture between the bow and string without getting sticky on the bow. It has great possibilities to produce different depths of the sound and also helps to produce endless resonance on the strings from the frog to last edge of the tip. Crisp fits perfectly to project a brighter sounds and fast playing, like baroque or classical repertories, for examples for the operas of Mozarts and Beethoven cello sonatas. In my experience, it even works well when I combine the rosins at the same time.  
Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin also preserves the bow hair much longer than others. Since I have used this rosin, I don’t have to rehair my bows as often. 
I congratulate Andrew Baker deeply and thank him for the great invention and love to this product and look forward to use it continuously for my cello playing in future."

Ian Cooper - Gypsy, Jazz, Classical violin virtuoso

“For 40 years, I thought rosin was rosin and had brushed it off as being not that important. I was a skeptic like everyone else but I am now a complete convert. Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin has made a huge improvement to my efficiency in producing sound. I am able to effortlessly and reliably execute delicate soft tones while also having the ability to rip into a string and tear the instrument apart. And everything in between. It’s as dramatic a change as purchasing a fine bow. Their bespoke rosin is also the perfect pairing for the thick strings on my experimental bass instruments, granting me 50% more power with 50% less effort. I don’t know what this magic is, but I love it. My new year’s resolution: Never use any other rosin, ever!”

Veronica Böhm - Baroque violinist, Balthasar-Neumann-Ensemble

"In comparison to other rosins I have used, I can say that the Leatherwood Baroque violin rosin makes a very good adhesion to the string and a good pull / flow possible. You do not have the feeling that it is unpleasantly "sticking" as with so many other rosins. It feels as if it were made of fine dust particles so soft that they dissolve into themselves, which makes a controlled bow stroke and direct response from the strings, which is very important for gut strings. It it is very pleasant to play on!"

Orazio Ferrari - Double Bass Soloist, Italy

“I have had the pleasure of trying the solo double-bass recipe from Leatherwood bespoke Rosin. I love the total absence of dust which enhances the sound of my Bass and removes unnecessary noises. The rosin makes you feel he string “under the bow” much more easily, which results in a feeling of better control over the sound. I particularly love the incredible control in piano dynamics! This rosin allows you to feel the difference between ‘ppp’ and ‘mp’ while maintaining control and can play without any weight and the horsehair grabs the strings easily!”

Annette Scholten - Cellist, and Lame Sonore / Musical Saw

I have been playing the lame sonore / musical saw for 8 years now.

For my Cello and Lame Sonora I am always looking for the best equipment. Finding a good comfortable bow was a long process, and finding a good rosin especially for the sound it produces on the saw-blade was even more difficult.

After trying all kinds of rosin, this year I tried Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin.

Not only I am satisfied with the Leatherwood Rosin when I playing cello but even more I am very very pleased whit this new invention for playing the Lame Sonore. The metal noise from the saw blade when I am bowing is much less, the grip on the saw blade is perfect in both the high and low register.

It gives me more confidence when playing this beautiful instrument!