The Amber Range for Double Bass

The Amber Range for Double Bass


Premium, hand-crafted & beautiful Sustainably sourced materials Customisation options 2-5 years high frequency use

The Amber Range helps Double Bass players find the exact combinationof stickiness, grip, traction & lyrical quality to suit their playing needs.

Receive 2 different rosin recipes in each pack

Choose two recipes from our range of recipe grades (see recipe chart below). From hard and crisp rosins to soft and sticky rosins, our recipes suit all playing styles and conditions.

These recipes do not dry out like other rosins and one recipe would last 1-2 years with intensive playing. You can also mix them on the bow for a more customised result.


Use the recipe grade chart (above) to choose your desired recipes (2 per pack). They can be the same recipe or different recipes. When you receive your rosin:

    - Carefully separate the walls of the rubber cup from the rosin

    - Lift the rosin slightly out of the cup or peel down sides of cup

    - Keep your fingers touching the sides of the cup, not the rosin

    - Apply with fast and strong bow strokes, with heavy pressure on the rosin.

    - Swipe towards the centre of the rosin to avoid chipping

    - For best use, apply 2 - 5 swipes as required.

    - To melt your rosin back into shape, just sit it in the cup on a flat surface in a warm environment or window sill and it will gradually melt back into the shape of the cup. Then allow it to cool and harden before using again

A recent trial group of professional bass players made the following general comparisons:

    -35% was similar to Nymans

    -45% was similar to Pops

    -50% was similar to Oak

Please keep in mind that these comparisons have not been decided through any formal trial or research, and are just the collective opinion of a small group of bass players on one particular day. This group were indoors with an ambient temperature of about 23°C. All our recipes will feel different depending on the climate (temperature) they are tried in.

The higher the percentage the softer the rosin. Firstly work out what type of playing context you want the recipe for, then pick a higher grade if you are in a colder or dryer climate, or a lower grade if you are in a hotter or more humid climate. For example. In Singapore or Mexico, the 55% - 60% might be too soft in those hot climates, and these rosins may be more like a liquid, so a 40-45% recipe would be more ideal here. However in Scandinavia (very cold and dry climates) the 55% - 60% will be harder and not as soft, therefore ideal.

The rubber cup and lid will securely protect and hold your rosin quite tightly, and with normal travel and usage it won’t melt out. The Linen bag will also protect both the case and the cups from any further risks.

Yes, just sit the cup in a warm place (over 23°C) and it will gradually melt back into shape. Lower grades take longer to form back into shape.

The rosin ingredients we are use are derived from pure pine resin. They are safe for the bow. The higher the grade, the less powder rosin included.

Use a fine toothed comb or clean toothbrush to comb rosin out of the hair. If it is powdery, use a dry cotton cloth (similar to what you would use to clean the strings) to wipe excess rosin off the bow

Yes. You might find your ideal recipe is a mix of a harder and softer grade. This is why we provide 2 recipes per pack.

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S. Chapek
United States United States

Grabs well and not "crunchy or brittle"

I like that the 50% Amber rosin (& 40%) has an almost invisible application, and it feels like I never seem to have put on too much. I do sorta feel like I need to rosin up every time, but no “dusting" so far in my experience. It has a nice grab to my gut strings and has a warm attack from the beginning and not brittle or "crunchy” sounding. Mostly using 50%; to me kinda like “Oak” brand w/o being sticky after application or having a brash attack. I’ll need to experiment more with the 40% and/or blending; haven’t needed to so far. No problem with melting in the SF bay area. Perhaps I’ll check out 60% - 45% next time. Thank you Andrew!

Alice M.
United States United States

Love this rosen

Since it is now winter here is Maryland I purchased the 50 and 55. They are great for this season. They provide a good attack without getting too sticky. My bass colleagues in the orchestra are also great fans. Come spring I will get some 40 to along with this.

Alice M.
United States United States

Love this rosin

Since it is now winter here is Maryland I purchased the 50 and 55. They are great for this season. They provide a good attack without getting too sticky. My bass colleagues in the orchestra are also great fans. Come spring I will get some 40 to along with this.

David C.
Canada Canada

Very Nice Feel

I am in Victoria, BC, Canada and so got the 40% and 50% rosins. We have not had winter yet but I tried both rosins to get a feel for them. I like the way the bow grips the strings. The notes seem to sing more easily with this stuff. And there is not much residue on the bass to clean up. It seems a cleaner rosin. Thanks for making it.

Pawel K.
United States United States

Fantastic rosin, but inadequate cake shape.

Dear Leatherwood Rosin, My recent order of your Leatherwood Bespoke Bass Rosin has safely arrived in New York. I ordered grades 45 and 55 to test them in the trying NYC summer conditions. I am pleasantly surprised by the high quality of sound, relative firmness of the cake as compared to other soft rosins, and low powdering. I hope the rosin doesn't dry out over time as quickly as other rosins tend to do. However, there is one aspect of your rosin that I find quite disappointing, and that is the packaging. While rectangular shaped cakes may work better for upper string family instruments using harder rosins, the stickiness of the bass rosin, and resulting vigorous application method would benefit more from a round cake shape. The rectangular packaging shape further promotes cracking, chipping, soiling everything around (including fingers needed for immediate performance), leaving deep swipe tracks in the cake, and finally an abundant waste of your quality product. Just look at the clumsy attempts to open your rosins in this Jason Heath video: Why not alleviate all these issues by designing from the same nice grey silicone a round container of a diameter around 40.00 mm, that can be efficiently turned around for every swipe. A similar packaging to your new ecoRosin (photo below), but made from grey silicone. I hope this improvement can be implemented to make the lives of bassists around the world better! Once again congrats on your high quality bass rosin! Best, Pawel Knapik Orchestra of St. Luke's D'Addario Artist


Leatherwood Rosin

Thank you for the suggestion Pawel, your ideas are appreciated. We will certainly consider this. Best, Andrew, rosin maker.