Luxurious Power Focus Projection


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Concerto is your luxurious, super-premium rosin for intense soloistic playing. Designed for the soloist, power, focus and projection are prominent with minimal dust and sound deterioration.

After years of rosin recipe refinement for string players all over the world, the Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin team have worked to create the ultimate rosin recipe for the Concerto Soloist and International Competition Performer.

When performing in these settings, there are even  more demands on the rosin such as projecting the sound to all corners of the concert hall, conveying warmth of sound up close and far away, and the ability of the rosin to endure a long performance with minimal deterioration to the sound quality right through to the last note!

The result is a rosin that offers a very powerful and clear attack on the string, with the string vibrating at it’s maximum capability from the very beginning of the bow movement. This rosin improves sound endurance, overall projection, power, with a warm undertone.

This rosin is created for:

- Concerto repertoire - late classical period and beyond
- Performance in large concert halls and large scale concerts
- Performance in International Competitions and Auditions
- Strong projection of clarity, warmth, and nuance of tone colour
- Reducing sound deterioration through rosin build up

How is Concerto different to other Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin recipes?

Our rosin makers have spent years refining sound and response characteristics through our Bespoke Range, string players have been able to adjust the Attack, Clarity, Traction, Texture to suit their playing.

To create Concerto, we searched, experimented, examined, and found new and unique combination of resins and waxes. We have worked to maximise the sound potential of this rosin with our partners in Japan, including renowned soloists Mayu Kishima (laureate Isaac Stern,Cologne, Queen Elizabeth, Wieniawski Competitions) and Minami Yoshida (laureate of Joachim, Sibelius and Montréal Competitions).

Concerto rosin deserves no less than the most luxurious materials, craftsmanship and presentation. Having developed this recipe with a team of Japanese soloists, we have been inspired to weave artistic Japanese styles into the presentation of this rosin, including the burnt timber technique of Yakisugi, or Shou Sugi Ban.

Leather: Deep Charcoal Premium Australian Leather
Wood: Yakisugi - Australian Cypress Pine
Rosin: Concerto - Soloistic Intensity

Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin is grateful to the support and input from our Japanese Partner Hiroaki Yura, who collaborated with us to produce this rosin.